How do I access my Millennium Prestige account?

Let's help you quickly get access to your Millennium account through the mobile application!

The only 3 things you'll need are:

  1. Your User Code, received by email
  2. Your Multichannel Access Code, received by SMS
  3. Your mobile phone (you'll be receiving an Authorization Code by SMS)


This needs to be the same phone number that the bank has on file for you!

Both SMS’s will be sent to this phone number.

Step 1: Download the Millenniumbcp mobile application

Find the application on either the Play Store or App Store by searching "Millenniumbcp" or by clicking the correct link below.

Make sure it's the correct app: It should have 'PT' in the top right corner of the icon, like in the image below.

Step 2: Open the app on your phone

Once the app has been downloaded, find the app on your home screen and open it!

Find this icon!

Step 3: Set up your account using the app

  • Your account is already active. Select I'm already a customer, take me to the app
  • You will register your app using the User and Multichannel Code that the bank sent to your email and SMS. Select With User and Multichannel Code.

Step 4: Set PIN to access your Millennium App

  • Enter and confirm the 4 digit PIN you’d like to use
  • Click the button "Continue" when you're done!

Step 5: Enter your User Code

  • This is a code that you should have received by email from Millennium!
  • Please make sure that there are no extra spaces before or after your code
  • Click the button "Continue" again

🚨 If you can’t find your User Code, please let us know.

Step 6: Validate with your Multichannel Access Code

  • Time to do a bit of a puzzle! 😅
  • Find the Multichannel Access Code sent to you by SMS
  • Enter the 3 requested positions of your Multichannel Access Code
  • Click the button "Continue" when you're done!

🚨 If you never received the SMS with your Multichannel Access Code, please let us know.

  • For the example above, if your Multichannel Access Code was 9876543, then you would enter:
    • First digit (position 5): 5
      • Why? 9876 5 43
    • Second digit (position 7): 3
      • Why? 987654 3
    • Third digit (position 3): 7
      • Why? 98 7 6543

Step 7: Choose options

  • Enable Touch ID / Face ID if you want
    • You’ll have to accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Enable notifications if you want
    • You’ll have to give permissions to the Millennium App

Step 8: Enter the Authorization Code sent by SMS

  • Enter the Authorization code sent by SMS to your mobile phone
    • This code is a one-time verification code
  • You know the drill by now - click “Continue”!

🚨If you don't receive this code, please try again first.  If you still haven't received this code within 5 minutes, please let us know by filling out the form we sent you by email!

Congrats, you're done! 🎉

You can now access your account.

Click on “Start” to start getting familiar with the app and how to access your account information.

Now what?!

Here are some helpful instructions for additional things you might want to do:

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