How do I transfer money to my bank account using Wise?

1. Log in / Create an account with Wise

2. Click the "Send Money" button

3. Type in the amount that you’d like to transfer, then hit Continue

4. For the section "Who are you sending money to?", select "Myself"

5. Fill in the bank details of the account that will receive the money. If you're transferring to your Millennium BCP account, fill in your Full Name and IBAN then hit the "Confirm" button.

6. Review the details of your transfer, then click the "Confirm and continue button"

7. Choose how you'd like to pay. Typically, the most affordable option is to "Connect your bank account". To move forward, click "Continue to payment"

8. Go through the steps to connect your bank account to Wise. Once your account has been connected, you can finalize the transfer! You should receive an email confirmation from Wise confirming the transaction 🎉


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