How to cancel your fiscal representation with Bordr

Follow these instructions to remove your fiscal representative and cancel any future fiscal representation fees from Bordr.


When ordering a NIF through Bordr, one of our affiliated lawyers will act as your fiscal representative in Portugal. Learn more about fiscal representation here.

Step 1: Remove your fiscal representative

Follow one of our guides below to remove your fiscal representative.

Method This is for you if you Instructions
Update your address with the Portugal tax office ✅ Reside in Portugal or an EU/EEA country See guide
Assign a new fiscal representative ✅ Want to assign a new fiscal representative in Portugal See guide
Enable electronic notifications ✅ Do not reside in an EU/EEA country and do not have tax obligations in Portugal See guide

Step 2: Download your updated NIF document

After removing your fiscal representative, the Portuguese Tax Authorities will send you an updated NIF document showing that your fiscal representative has been removed or replaced. You will need this document in order to proceed to the next step. See our guides above for more details.

If the Portuguese Tax Authorities do not send you an updated NIF document, you can follow these instructions to download an alternative document here - How to get a Certificate of Tax Residence (Certidão de Domicílio Fiscal)

Alternatively, if you are cancelling by enabling electronic notifications and are waiting for this to be activated, you may instead take a screenshot confirming the request to activate your electronic notifications.

Step 3: Submit your cancellation request

For updated NIF documents and Certidãos, please submit them via the Bordr app.

On the other hand, if you're submitting a confirmation screenshot, please email a copy of it to and let us know that you'd like to cancel your fiscal representation subscription with Bordr.

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