Can I update my NIF address without my Portuguese residence permit?


For non-EU citizens, the most widely accepted proof of address in Portugal is your Portuguese residence permit which you should receive 1 - 2 months after your AIMA (formerly SEF) appointment. If you would like to update your NIF address before receiving your Portuguese residence permit, you can follow these instructions, but please note that this method is not guaranteed.


If you do not have your Portuguese residence permit, you can try submitting the following documents to update your address with the Portuguese tax office.

  1. Certificate of Residence issued by your local Parish*
  2. And one of the following documents:
    1. Confirmation of your AIMA (formerly SEF) appointment or
    2. Receipt given by AIMA (formerly SEF) on your appointment day.

Glossary of Portuguese Terms

  • The Certificate of Residence = "Atestado de residĂȘncia"
  • Local Parish = "Junta de Freguesia"

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