I’m no longer moving to Portugal and would like to cancel my NIF

This is for you if:

  • you have an existing NIF
  • you have an existing fiscal representation with Bordr that you’d like to withdraw
  • you don’t live in Portugal
  • you are not using your NIF for any purposes
  • you don’t have any tax obligations in Portugal
    • no vehicle in the Portuguese territory
    • no real estate property in the Portuguese territory
    • no income/business in the Portuguese territory

Unfortunately, the Portuguese tax office doesn't allow us to cancel your NIF. Once you have this number, it is yours for life. This also means that our affiliated lawyer will continue to be your fiscal representative indefinitely, until such time that you assign either someone else OR yourself as your new fiscal representative when you become a tax resident.

Due to its ongoing nature, our normal policy for our fiscal representation service is to charge 150 USD/year. However, we understand that plans change and are happy to help you identify the next steps.

Non-EU Citizens/EU Citizens who don’t live in the EU territory

Our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you. Please reach out to us at support@bordr.com.

EU Citizens who live in the EU territory

As an EU citizen, you are not required by the Portuguese tax authorities to maintain a fiscal representative. As long as you live within the EU territory, the tax office allows you to receive electronic notices through your Portal das Finanças account. Check out our article - How to update your Portugal NIF address on Portal das Finanças

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