What do I input for NIF Mandatário in my NHR application?

When applying for Portugal's NHR status, one of the input fields will be labeled "NIF Mandatário." You can leave this field empty. 

What is"NIF Mandatário?"
It's a common misunderstanding that "NIF Mandatário" means "NIF Mandatory" or "Taxpayer NIF", according to Google Translate. Based on these translations, it's easy to think that you should input your own NIF number into that field.

However, a more accurate translation for "NIF Mandatário" is "NIF Proxy" which is the NIF number of a third party who will represent you. You may think that this should be your fiscal representative, but after you change your address to a Portuguese address, you become a Portuguese tax resident and your fiscal representative will be removed. While you can elect a third party (e.g. lawyer) to be your NIF proxy, it is optional and most people will leave this field empty and submit your NHR application. 

Next Steps
Follow our step-by-step guide on how to apply for Portugal's NHR tax regime.

P.S. If you haven't heard of DeepL yet, you should try it out instead of Google Translate for English <> European Portuguese. Learn why here.

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