Which bank can I open an account with?

Bordr currently opens bank accounts with the banking partners below. We work with these banks because they're able to assist with the opening of bank accounts remotely.

Please see the chart below for a comparison of the 3 types of bank accounts we currently open for customers.

  Millennium BCP Prestige Atlantico Premium Novobanco Golden Key

Everyone*, D3, D7 and Golden Visa applicants

*Which countries does Bordr support for the bank account service?

Golden Visa applicants  (US Investment Fund) only Everyone*
Monthly Fees €5 - €15.00 €14.99 €15.00
Physical Branches in Portugal 900+ 1 (Lisbon) 300+
Debit Card
Credit Card ✔ Subject to approval ✔  Subject to approval ✔  Subject to approval
Dedicated Account Manager
More Information Millennium BCP website Atlantico website Novobanco Website

*Bank may ask for additional information and may refuse to open accounts for citizens of certain countries they deem to be high risk

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