Why should I open a Single bank account for the Golden Visa investment?

For Golden Visa investors, Bordr only allows you to open a Single bank account, under the main investor's name. Learn why we decided to do this below.

The "main investor" vs dependents

When applying for the Golden Visa, the qualified investment must be made by a single person. This person is referred to as the main investor. 

Technically, the main investor is the only person in the family who will apply for the Golden Visa. 

Dependents such as parents, spouses, and children will submit their applications under a different visa called "Family Reunification." As a dependent, your visa is contingent on the valid status of the main investor's visa. 

So why do I need a Single account?

The reason that Bordr will open a Single bank account under the main investor's name is to avoid any confusion with SEF (the Portugal immigration office). 

If you submit your Golden Visa application using a joint account, SEF may determine that your joint account represents two main investors. In this case, you may be asked to invest double the minimum investment amount.

For example, let's say that you decide to invest in a private equity fund for the Golden Visa. The minimum investment amount to qualify is €500,000 euros. If SEF determines that your application represents two investors, they will ask you to provide proof that you invested at least €1 million euros in order to submit your visa application.

To prevent this situation from happening, Bordr has taken the stance of only opening Single bank accounts for Golden Visa investors.

Note: It is possible to make the Golden Visa investment through a Portuguese company, but that company must be an "unipessoal" company in Portugal that has a single owner. 


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